Integrating Partytown in a Hugo site

In this post I’m going to cover the process I went through to integrate the Partytown library into my Hugo static website. So what is Partytown? For anyone who hasn’t heard of Partytown, it’s a library by the team at that moves script processing off the main thread and into a web worker. This is ideal for any third-party asynchronous code that runs on a typical website like analytics, metrics, A/B testing or advertising.

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Hosting Hugo with S3 and CloudFront

I recently decided to rebuild my personal website. I made the decision to use Hugo to build out the sites content. For more background on why I chose Hugo, you can read my previous post. I also made the decision to avoid using any server-side hosting. For all of the details around this decision, again, you could check out my previous post 😏. But the tl;dr of those reasons is:

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Why I chose Hugo

Just the other day, I decided to rebuild my personal website. This post covers my decision around using Hugo to build out the sites content. Why not Wordpress? When rebuilding this site, one of my goals was to try and avoid any server-side hosting. There were a few reasons behind doing this: My site is static content, it doesn’t change apart from when publishing new content - I didn’t even need a contact form

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