Migrating .NET Framework Applications to .NET Core (Part 2)

What was covered last time? In the last post, I covered: Why you should migrate to .NET Core What is .NET 5 and why you don’t need to wait until it is released to migrate My personal high level process for approaching the migration of large applications Explored the first two parts of the migration process, planning and pre-migration Went over what work can and should be performed prior to starting the .

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Migrating .NET Framework Applications to .NET Core (Part 1)

What I’ll cover in the series I’m sure everyone in the .NET ecosystem has heard of .NET Core now, and most people have at least given it a little go. If you are part of a team that owns any .NET Framework applications, the question will no doubt have been raised of can/when/should we migrate to .NET Core? Microsoft has some articles and documentation on migrating, however I found detailed information on the process and the various gotchas hard to come by, so I thought it would be worth sharing my own experiences.

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